Connecting Everyone to the Blockchain - Safely and Conveniently

Protect your cryptocurrency with the first mobile supported Hardware Wallet that requires no connection. Increase your security and convenience with air gapped - real time hardware wallet signing.

  • Mobile App

    Connect to mobile App to give you instant, on the go access to your cryptocurrency.

  • Large Touch Screen

    Easily manage your assets with simple to use hardware wallet UI.

  • Incredibly Simple

    We are one of the easiest hardware wallet to use. Set up new accounts in less than a minute.

  • Encrypted QR Code

    Information is transferred between hardware wallet and App through encrypted QR codes only.

  • Recovery

    Easily recover your hardware wallet accounts by re-entering mnemonics.

  • Multiple Verification

    Add extra security layers with multiple passwords and verification steps.

  • Fully Isolated

    As all information is transferred through QR codes, ELLIPAL is completely connection free. It is impossible to hack or get information from the ELLIPAL.

  • Multiple Currencies

    ELLIPAL can support multiple currencies in one device. New coins will be added regularly.

Firmware Update

ELLIPAL is always developing to support more currencies and improve user experience. ELLIPAL always open up and listen to what our community wants so feel free to contact us which coins you would like us to support next.

Updates can be done by downloading update files from ELLIPAL's homepage on to a SD card which can be inserted into the ELLIPAL to perform a completely secure and offline update.