ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet Version 1.6 Firmware and Mobile App Upgrade — Major Changes

Holiday season is almost upon us and so is ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet 1.6 Firmware upgrade! This article covers all the major upgrades that is happening to our new release of ELLIPAL and its companion App!

1) Account System Change

You are now able to manage multiple currencies within one account in contrast to the previous 1.5 where you would need one account for each currency. For each account, only one set of mnemonics is needed to generate multiple currency addresses. This will greatly help users to simplify their asset management.


In response to popular demands from our customers, we have worked hard to add 7 new currencies to our support list. (Note: USDT is shown as a “sub-coin” under BTC). This upgrade will be included in both the ELLIPAL cold wallet and the App.

3) Support Keystore and Secret Seed Import

In version 1.5 we allow account to be imported via mnemonics and private keys. In version 1.6 you can import accounts through Keystore for ETH and ETC, and secret seed for XRP.

4) Newly Redesigned UI

To accommodate the changes, we redesigned our UI to look better and also to further improve user experience. Home page is changed from one account — one currency to one account — multiple currencies. Sign, connect and receive lay out also have been changed to accommodate the new account system.

5) ELLIPAL App Upgrade

The App has undergone similar UI changes as the ELLIPAL with some extra features, such as the new asset statistics tool which gives users a good overview of all their assets in one convenient screen.

So what do you think about ELLIPAL 1.6 update? Anything you would want us to add in our next update? Let us know in the comments or join our telegram: https://t.me/ellipalglobal


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  • Still no download for the cold wallet? there was one for the app today.

    • Kevin Lewandowski
  • Still no download for the cold wallet? there was one for the app today.

    • Kevin Lewandowski
  • Customer Support said the release would be November 9th. It is now November 11th and there is still NO RELEASE. SMH

    • Rodney B.